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LaSeal 763 Firestop Neutral silicone sealant

Fireproof sealant

LaSeal 763 Firestop Neutral silicone sealant

LaSeal 763 Firerated neutral silicone Sealant is a silicone based firestop sealant that provides maximum movement in fire-rated joints, and seals through-penetration

applications in fire-rated joints, and seals through-pene- tration applications. Easy to use one part, neutral curing, LaSeal Fire rated Silicone Sealant. It Combines excellent adhesion with durability and can be used for internal and external applications.

Color:White, Gray

Packing information: 300ml, 310ml by plastic cartridge; 600ml sausages, 190 KGS by drum.


    1. Halogen and solvent free.
    2. Asbestos free.
    3. Simple to use and apply.
    4. Good adhesion without use of a primer.
    5. Smoke, fume, water and UV resistant.
    6. Excellent movement capability, meets 500 cycle requirements.
    7. Meets FV-0 Fireproof grade.
    8. More than 4 hours Fire resistance without using any backfilling material according to EN 1366-4 under certain conditions;

    Areas of application

    1. Sealing construction/expansion joints
    2. Top-of-wall joints
    3. Metal pipes
    4. Cable bundles
    5. HVAC penetrations

    Fireproof neutral silicone sealant 763 (1)uvy Fireproof neutral silicone sealant 763 (2)1oq Fireproof neutral silicone sealant 763 (2)1oq

    Technical Data Sheet(TDS)

    Technology data:The following data are only for reference purpose, not intended for use in preparing specification.
    LaSeal 763 Firestop Neutral silicone sealant



    Basic material

    Neutral elastic silicone


    Gray , White


    Smooth paste



    Specific gravity

    Approx. 1.4 g/cm3

    Tack-Free time

    15-30 min (23 °C and 50%R.H)

    Curing Rate (mm/day)

    Min.2 mm/day (23 °C and 50% R.H)

    Shore A hardness

    40 ± 5 Shore A


    > 100%

    Tensile strength

    ≥ 0.4 N/mm2

    Application Temperature

    +5 °C to +40 °C

    Volume shrinkage

    Approx. 0 – 5%

    Movement capability

    Approx. 33%

    Restrictions:Damp or humid conditions will significantly extend the cure time.
    Do not apply below 5℃

    Surface Preparation

    ● Following cleaning procedure and materials are recommended
    ● Glass Degrease with alcohol or MEK
    ● Aluminium, light alloys and stainless steel Degrease with alcohol or MEK
    ● Other Metals Lightly abrade then degrease as above
    ● Wood Lightly abrade surface then remove dust
    ● Plastics Degrease using an agent recommended by plastics manufacturer
    ● Concrete and other alkaline Surfaces Brush and remove dust


    1. Clean the base material with cloth: clean it with solvent; if in particular demand, coat the surface with paint base and let it dry completely.
    2. Make sure to fill the interface with it and tightly stick it to the base material.
    3. Deal with adhesion test before use and make sure of good compatibility and viscosity of products and base material.

    Storage and shelf life

    1. They should be protected from water, frost and adverse air conditions.
    2. They should be kept dry and cool on wooden pallets at between +5 degree C and +25 degree C in moisture free conditions.
    3. The opened products should be consumed immediately.
    4. Shelf life is maximum 12 months conditional to complying with the aforementioned storage conditions.