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LaSeal 978 Fire rated MS Polymer Sealant

Fireproof sealant

LaSeal 978 Fire rated MS Polymer Sealant

KaStar978 Firerated MS Polymer Sealant is a one-component moisture-solid MS Polymer Based Sealant, which has execellent flame retardant and adhesive sealing performance, no corrosion to the substrate,No pollution, no pollution to the environment, and good adhesion to metal, glass and other substrates.

Color:White, Black, Gray

Packing information: 280ml, 300ml, 310ml by plastic cartridge; 600ml sausages, 190 KGS by drum.


    ● The flame-retardant grade reaches UL94-2013 Rev.9-2018, with strong flame-retardant performance.
    ● Low smoke emission in the burning state.
    ● Good UV resistance and weather resistance.
    ● It has good adhesion to a variety of substrates

    Fire rated MS polymer sealant MS978 (1)jt1 Fire rated MS polymer sealant MS978 (2)wgc

    Technical Data Sheet(TDS)

    Technology data:The following data are only for reference purpose, not intended for use in preparing specification.
    LaSeal 978 Fire rated MS Polymer Sealant


    Meets or exceeds the requirements of the following specifications:

    The requirements of VOC content specifications in LEED credit EQc4.1

    "Low-emitting products" of SCAQMD rule 1168.

    The French VOC requirements for class A+

    CE marked for EN 15651 for façade applications.



    Chemical Base

    MS Polymer

    Curing System



    1.5 ± 0.1 gr/ml



    Skin Dry time

    40 min (23°C and %50 R.H.)

    Speed of Squeeze

    500g/min GB/T 13477.4

    Hardness Shore A


    Elongation at break


    Tensile strength

    2.2 N/mm2

    Smoking Density


    Flame-retardant grade


    Temperature Work

    -40°C and +90°C

    Shelf life

    12 months

    Curing condition of the sample :23℃×50%RH×14 days


    ● Not suitable for freezing or damp, silicone oil-containing base surface and silicone rubber.
    ● The surface of the substrate to be adhered must be clean and dry, free of dust, oil and water stains. Adhesive substrate should be used for cleaning with cleaning agent. Otherwise, it may cause bonding failure.
    ● Temperature and humidity have a great impact on the surface for drying and curing of the sealant, and the construction environment is recommended Temperature 5~35℃, humidity 50~70%RH.
    ● The node part can be modified and smoothed with a scraper or rigid foam strip, and the ground is partially modified.It can be smoothed with soapy water.
    ● For construction methods, please refer to the construction instructions or consult our technicians.

    Surface Preparation

    ● Following cleaning procedure and materials are recommended
    ● Glass Degrease with alcohol or MEK
    ● Aluminium, light alloys and stainless steel Degrease with alcohol or MEK
    ● Other Metals Lightly abrade then degrease as above
    ● Wood Lightly abrade surface then remove dust
    ● Plastics Degrease using an agent recommended by plastics manufacturer
    ● Concrete and other alkaline Surfaces Brush and remove dust


    MS Firerated is non-hazardous, will not emit halogenated by products under fire conditions and contains no raw materials known to have an oestrogenic effect on the environment. The sealant offers excellent levels of adhesion to most construction substrates and can be overpainted with oil, polyurethane or latex paints.

    Storage and shelf life

    1. They should be protected from water, frost and adverse air conditions.
    2. They should be kept dry and cool on wooden pallets at between +5 degree C and +25 degree C in moisture free conditions.
    3. The opened products should be consumed immediately.
    4. Shelf life is maximum 12 months conditional to complying with the aforementioned storage conditions.